Relax YOGA Weekend 08/03/24 

The path to self-discovery, self-development!

   Relax YOGA Weekend 08/03/24


'Breath is the medicine you always have with you!' 33

HOTEL KOUTY – A place of balance in the heart of the Czech Republic 

Period of stay: 08/03 – 10/03/2024

Lecturer: Tanya Rambousková


The hotel is surrounded by forests, meadows and a two and a half hectare trout pond, in which you can swim all year round. The area itself offers 100,000 m² of complete tranquility. There are no disturbing elements around the hotel, such as a mobile signal, but we offer a wifi connection. A place where complete immersion in your inner self awaits you, a place where you have time just for yourself, a place where you get new energy and connect with yourself, a place where complete relaxation and peace await you. All this will be enhanced by a complex tool called – Yoga. Here you can enjoy the beautiful cedar sauna right by the pond and detoxify your body. 

↓Lesson description below↓


Friday - 05.30-06.00p.m Yoga theory and practice (introductory lesson)

Saturday - 10:00-12:00a.m. Yoga asana practice + Yoga Nidra + pranayama 

Saturday - 02:30 – 03:55p.m  Bachata workshop 

Saturday - 4.30-5.30p.m Healthy back + Therapeutic Yoga 

Sunday: 10:00-11:00a.m CORE

Sunday: 11:00-12:00a.m Yoga asana practice (breathing techniques) Relaxation + Meditation Materials and assignments (personal work)

The purpose of the stay is, the number one priority is to learn to gather energy back into the body without effort, using special breathing techniques. We will work with our body and mind . We will also work with the mental side of our self. We will learn how to help each other with back pain, how to harmonize ourselves. We will learn conscious breathing and how to integrate it into everyday life and during exercise. We will also focus on the physical side, where we will explain how to adjust our body center, how to strengthen it and thereby eliminate back pain. Last but not least, we will learn to perceive our body. During this stay, you will work on yourself and independently, it will be completely in your hands. You can also transfer knowledge and experience from your stay to your home practice.

Who is the stay intended for? For everyone who wants to embark on the journey of inner freedom, health, self-harmonization. For all those for whom mental hygiene is very important. Yoga is intended for absolutely everyone and for people with limited mobility, therefore mental exercises are used to a greater extent. Various aids, pillows, blankets, blocks, tapes, straps, foam rollers, towels, etc. are used for comfortable exercise. 

The stay is for all those who are looking for answers to their questions, a way to feel good in their body and are looking for a way of self-development - Yoga is the right direction and tool for our soul and body.

MEAL Breakfast is included in the price of the stay. For lunches and dinners, you can use the offer of the hotel restaurant: "We love food, we prefer to cook with quality, local and organic ingredients. We cook from high-quality, preferably local and preferably organic ingredients. We are open to all kinds of cuisines and cooking methods. Our menu also includes healthy, vegetarian and vegan dishes prepared on fire. Not only Czech, but also world cuisine is represented here."

Breakfast is usually served as a buffet, lunch and dinner as a set menu. We are inspired by seasonal fresh ingredients and adapt the restaurant's menu to them." 

Yoga can be perceived as: Mental hygiene, a method of self-healing, self-development, self-knowledge, harmonisation, conscious living, changing the attitude towards oneself and the environment, therapy, asana exercises, breathing techniques, spiritual teachings, health, psychotherapy, rejuvenation, spirituality, energy centers ( chakras), concentration and meditation and other realms. More about yoga:

What is waiting for us? First, let's explain for understanding what we can imagine under the term yoga? Most of us immediately think of various yoga asanas, breathing techniques, rentals, meditation, chanting mantras, etc. There is a lot of information available to us. Now let's look a little from another side, whether we know it or not, believe it/not believe it - we don't just have a physical body, but a mental, emotional, ethereal astral and others, it follows that we work comprehensively with our self - called our body and soul. We know and feel when our soul suffers, our body suffers too, or conversely, when the body suffers, our soul suffers too. It is only up to us to listen to the body and soul, we learn to perceive and feel. Yoga is lifelong learning, self-knowledge, self-education, self-therapy, a tool and a way of self-healing. 

HOTEL double room including breakfast 5500 CZK/person 

Hygge / Lykke Cottage 5,500 CZK/person (breakfast extra 249 CZK/day

Breakfast in the hotel buffet

​The price includes: 2 nights accommodation, breakfast at the hotel, exercise + individual program, rental of the exercise hall. 

Briefly about the composition and course of the lesson: My yoga lessons are not physically demanding, they are a healthy compromise for strengthening the body and focusing mainly on the therapeutic side, relaxing the body and mind. My aim is to sense the fitness of the trainee and the whole group. During the lesson, the emphasis is on conscious breathing and feeling one's own body, so very gentle and attentive work with the body and breath. Adapt each position so that it is pleasant for the given individual. Yoga lessons enriched with so-called yoga nidra (conscious relaxation). 

First the settings, then the exercises. We pay attention to the speed of the exercise, so that everyone can do it (we use variants for different levels of sophistication), in case of limitation of range of motion, there is always a substitute variant or the use of aids. My mission is to motivate everyone, so that after the lessons everyone feels good, does not have fear, anxiety or stress from exercise. Exercise should be comfortable for everyone, we don't go through pain, so we don't do violence to ourselves. The exerciser should have positive emotional pleasure from the exercise both during and at the end. Yoga lessons are more of a slower, gentle nature with an emphasis on relaxation, gaining energy at the end of the lesson, where rest and relaxation positions are used for this, and at the same time exercises are always included to strengthen the center of the body, the so-called muscle corset. At the end there is a thorough relaxation and a guided meditation, where we learn to relax each part of our body. Usually, yoga retreats are enriched with interesting topics, on work on the psychological, mental and emotional side.

What do we work with? The foundation and number one priority is our breath. At the beginning of the lesson, we start with conscious breathing, learning to perceive our center / our center of the body from the tailbone to the top of the head. We learn to perceive, and to control, that is, to consciously control our breath. We learn deep long breathing. 

How? We start with a simple breathing exercise while sitting. We calm our body and mind so that further during the lesson, we practice/breathe consciously and be present in our body in the given moment. Why? Conscious breathing is 80% of success. How do we feel at the end of the lesson? After the lessons, you feel rested, gain new energy, mental satisfaction, harmonize your body and mind, the feeling of muscle tension and tension will disappear. You feel lightness in your body and in your breathing. Healing. The desire to create. 

Who is it intended for? - For everyone. Yoga is intended for absolutely everyone and for people with limited mobility, therefore mental exercises are used to a greater extent. Various aids, pillows, blankets, blocks, tapes, straps, foam rollers, towels, etc. are used for comfortable exercise.

What can happen during exercise? – You can feel different emotions, a feeling of bliss, peace or, on the contrary, go through negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, depression, anger and even the urge to cry, all of which are connected to our perception of the world around us and ourselves. For example, we want to look better, it stresses us out, our ego goes through development, this is completely natural in the human world. Or anger because we have limited mobility and we exercise through pain, we want to be healthy. Impatience - we want a quick result. 

That is why it is said that yoga is lifelong learning and self-knowledge, where we also go through mental development and learn to accept and understand. Accepting things as they are - this leads us to inner peace. We cultivate the will, we harmonize ourselves, we create a better version of ourselves. We learn to live consciously. 

What are asanas for? As they say, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. They are psychosomatic exercises that strengthen and balance the entire nervous system, thus harmonizing and stabilizing the mental state of the practitioner. Asanas affect the muscles, ligaments, joints, circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems, our breath and the frequency of our breath, all organs and glands. They also affect our psyche and chakras (energy centers), our mind and overall not only psychological but also physical state. While practicing asanas, you learn to recognize, perceive and feel your body more. A very important prerequisite for the correct performance of all yoga exercises is physical and mental relaxation. Only in this way can the effects of individual asanas be fully manifested in combination with conscious breathing and perception, i.e. to be present in your body.