Tanya Rambouskova

About me

How did I get into yoga? I have been practicing yoga for about 10 years. I have been training my body naturally since I was little, my inner need to move has always led me to do so. I have gone through various sports, from competitive running to professional dancing. I also stayed with dance, it fascinates me how a human learns to know, feel his body and the limits of his own body during dance. That's why I don't consider myself to be a classical teacher of only yoga and my website is not classical, full of dances and rich history from the past.

I also love dancing, and I train my own dance group, teach courses, and have dance lessons. I love the connection of different energies, emotions that can be expressed through dance, cultivating female/masculine energy in myself and also the openness attracts the surroundings. I do not consider myself an exception either, I know many colleagues who have taken the same path and it is wonderful to see how these two areas can be connected.

What programs do I currently teach?

  • Yoga
  • Bodybalance
  • Functional stretching
  • Healthy back
  • Latino Dance Fitness (cardio)
  • Bachata

I also provide private classes.

My education:

  • I have an education in the field of economics and IT, I work part-time in this field.
  • University of Managerial Economics and IT - Department of Economics and IT.
  • Banking Institute – Department of Economics and IT


  • Yoga international certificaton - Bali  2023 - 2024 (working on it)
  • Yoga retreat - Berlin 2023
  • Yoga retreat - Marbell, Spain 2023
  • Bodybalance - Lessmils, retraining 2022
  • Yoga academy 2019, Moscow
  • Bodybalance - Lessmils, Prague (Kristine Andersson) 2017
  • Pilates (I, II) - IQ Movement, Prague (Daniel Muller) 2016
  • Yoga retreat – Prague 2005
  • Healthy back - FACE FITNESS ACADEMY, Prague (Michal Peroutka) 2015
  • Port De Bras - FACE FITNESS ACADEMY, Prague (Julio Papi) 2013
  • Aerobics instructor - FISAF (Katka Bimanová)
  • 2013 DanceXtreme Instructor - FACE FITNESS ACADEMY, Prague 2013 (Stelios Kon)
  • Integrated Power Stretch - FACE FITNESS ACADEMY, Prague (Lukáš Kolek) 2012
  • Physiotherapy course - MUDr. Blanka Keclíková, FACE FITNESS ACADEMY, Prague 2011
  • Fitness instructor - personal trainer, FACE FITNESS ACADEMY, (Zbyněk Petr, Daniel Muller) Prague 2011
  • Zumba Fitness basic steps 1 - Daniela Česneková, Prague 2011​

Back to yoga, it is a path of self-discovery, self-development and constant search for answers to your questions beyond the globe, a deeper reflection on the path of your own life, where it leads, and mainly listening to your soul, which guides you. In this description, I just want to share my life journey, not to float in any way. I am very open and write what I feel and have in my mind. Already in my childhood, when I was 13, I realized that I see my future in dreams, these dreams also come in adulthood, when you just know that this will really come. Internal dissatisfaction with certain things and the effort to understand why leads to the search for answers and understanding of life's sometimes hard lessons given to every person.​

I went through various trainings abroad, where I finally found my yoga teacher, every teacher has a teacher. At the beginning of my journey, my soul was not satisfied with yoga lessons only on the physical side, so I was looking for a way that would bring a deeper meaning to my soul. In 2016 I visited India, it was a trip with yoga group and working on myself on a daily basis, it was a wonderful experience and a way to disconnect from the daily worries for a while and come back to myself, especially after a very intense periof of life. It was nice period when I was constantly organizing some events, workshops and it took a lot of energy and effort. I learned to supplement this energy with the help of my own breathing practices so that I could then share the joy with others. 

In 2020, I had an insight and my life completely turned around and changed. The reason was years of constant work on oneself, deep transformation and various techniques from yoga. I found a lot of answers to my questions and thus gained peace of mind. Next came the understanding that I am ready to pass on my experiences, that's why I call it the voice of my soul. I never thought in my life that I would teach Dance, Fitness and yoga. People, my friends and circumstances on my journey led me to it, and I am very grateful to them for that. I do what fulfills me, it is a mutual exchange of energy and high vibrations you connect with people or when you practice alone.

It's been an incredible 13 years since I became a dance and fitness instructor. Where one goes through different periods from satisfying one's own ego to dancing and ambitions, to reach the maximum, to develop one's body as much as possible. Satisfying the ego and achieving the maximum then leads to the satisfaction of ambition and peace of mind, the fulfillment of life's dreams and goals. I am currently in a phase where I am going through a transformation, I am changing my approach to do the things I love in easy way and calmness, to accept things as they come and to be grateful for everything that comes and also goes. 

Back to yoga, like dance I tried different yoga classes to get an understanding, it was a search before I realized that I was missing something in the program, and that was the mental and soul side as well. Many years ago, yoga only somehow started to be incorporated more into the fitness sphere. These days so-called new era, and it is starting to be a part of life as we can see it even in advertising, so it is wonderful. With new knowledge, I stepped further into the world of yoga, which became my daily work on myself. As my teacher said, you have to live with yoga, it's not enough just to start practicing once a week. Even this is a beautiful beginning to encounter it at all. Therefore Yoga is a conscious lifestyle in everyday life that leads to harmonization with yourself and with the surrounding. At the same time, I feel that being a yoga teacher is a great responsibility towards myself and to my students.

Where did it all start? In 2015 we founded the DANCE & YOGA studio in Prague my colleague, who is also a yoga teacher , which still exists this days:). This is the place where my journey of transformation and a deeper understanding of yoga and all related knowledge has began. After a year, I gave up the role of manager and operator I left. I mainly feet to be a lecturer and have more time for education, creativity in dance, organizing workshops, family, etc. I continued to work in the studio only as a lecturer. At that time my dance group was in period of growth and development. Through this study experience, selfdevelopement, I met a lot of great people and friends, some of them have become very close to me, and I am very grateful for this experience.